Through people, technology can rule the world

«In a world where technologies will soon think, act, and behave like humans, what can humans learn from machines?»

Machines are learning faster than people, who strive to adapt.

Artificial Intelligence is more than reality. The so-called “Technological Singularity” ― the moment when machines will be equal to and then surpass human brainpower ― is getting closer.

It's not just about people or technology: it's the interaction between them that matters the most. Don’t worry: we are not tech fanatics that are looking forward to dehumanization or “cyborgization”.

At DA we work to support humans in empowering their interaction with technologies by learning from them and by shaping a new attitude:
the Digital Attitude.

People with a Digital Attitude are not just able to master technology but leverage their interaction with technology to improve their own performance as well as the quality of their personal experience within their organizations.

Our products coach people to install new habits

We are your digital wheel to improve the adoption of
Technology within your organization

We support organizations to get the most out of the investments they have already made in technologies, enhancing a digital culture and improving overall IT efficiency and security.

To do so, we aim to reinforce, innovate, and shape new habits that will reduce employees’ tech-stress, simplify their own and their colleagues’ work, and improve their digital mastery.

Our key area of intervention is technology adoption:

  • How can we lead people to use technology to own their own change?
  • How can we make people really adopt technology sustainably and effectively?
  • How can they make the most out of the digital solution they already have or that they are going to have?

These are some of the questions we have developed answers for.

We have built a personalized digital coaching solution, a «Habit Installing» Platform, that facilitates the generation of new habits


A sophisticated psych engine that can provide personalized, real-time feedback and calls to action to the user


A gamified system that engages people both at an individual and a collective level


Apps that can be integrated into any existing technology that is either not fully adopted or not adopted at all

New habits can impact adoption in critical business areas:


Software & Technology

such as cloud software, intranets,
and tailor-made applications

Digital Behaviors

related to cyber security
and privacy

Priority Behaviors

such as safety-related ones

We have a start-up mindset but
we are not just another start-up

We arose from the wish to think and act exponentially that was developed by Methodos, the Cultural Change Management Company.

Digital Attitude was founded in 2017 by Methodos, a leading company that helps enterprises align their vision and strategy with their culture, thereby impacting people's mindset and behaviors.

Methodos builds and promotes an integrated culture of responsibility and sustainable business establishing a legacy of quality, competency, and expertise.

Methodos is a joint-stock company: its managers are the shareholders. Each one of them has believed in DA and has given us a huge responsibility: think, design, and implement a greenfield company that shapes the future of change management through digitalization.

To do so, Methodos will allow DA to leverage its reputation and the know-how developed through more than 40 years of experience in the Italian and international markets.

Lamborghini, Generali, FCA, Magneti Marelli, Prysmian, Ducati, Sky, Vodafone, GSK, Henkel, Pirelli, Lavazza, Saipem, Whirlpool, Heineken and Widiba are just some of the great companies Methodos is working with.

This is our unfair advantage.


Are we cool? Are we fancy? Maybe.
Most of all, being part of DA means embracing a new way of thinking and acting: that of the Datters

The Datters are those who work hard to transform the dream that we are sharing into solid reality.

We are Datters with our way of being; with our pros and cons.

We are Datters with our thoughts and words, with our ideas and values, with our beliefs and emotions.

We stick to principles which will always inspire us on our journey.

Our promise starts from these words. It is shaped by our ability to put each one of these principles into practice.

We hope our principles can be as inspirational for you as they are for us.


Train your leadership; express and spread it. Make it viral. But do not forget to listen.

Listening moves us away from being self-centric and reminds us that we must be humble.

More than anything else, listening leads us to capture and embrace the real needs of the people we are dealing with.


Nurture your curiosity through action.

Discover the world by designing, inventing, prototyping and testing your ideas.

Do not be just a passenger: be the pilot of your journey.


Datters are not afraid to fail.

They know that every mistake is a source of improvement, growth, and discovery. So, fail; fail fast and understand why you were wrong. Then share it: we will grow faster, together.


Datters know what it's like to take responsibility and they love that feeling.

They are credible and respected because they walk their talk. We keep our promises.


Mohamed Ali once said, «Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee.»

The Datters have and will always have a start-up mindset: speed, agility, initiative, and desire to provoke will feature in their approach and their behaviors. This is combined with a great awareness: there are no silos, only winning synergies.


Datters dream about what does not yet exist. They believe that the future is our present.

They do not limit themselves to their ideas: they build the change that we will live tomorrow.

So, to be a Datter, you have to be proud of what you are doing, have fun and learn to sacrifice to achieve a great goal: we will improve every day.

We're hiring!

Join our team in the very heart of Milan, Italy.
We are looking for talented, top-notch and hard-working people like you!

A smart and relaxed working environment & flexible working hours

Free office access, including a rooftop terrace; a fully equipped kitchen with free tea, coffee, and water

Free time to work on Open Source projects, plus a BEIPA-like agreement

Digital Attitude

Digital Attitude Srl

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Digital Attitude is a Registered Trademark in the European Union

Digital Attitude has been certified by BSI to ISO 27001 under certificate number IS 693400.